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Alcohol in Select MoCo Parks

Montgomery County recently allowed fellow moconites (montgomery county residents) to consume alcoholic beverages in very select parks. Although this doesn’t mean all MoCo parks, at least we’ve got something to work off of. To celebrate this special occasion, Best Beer & Wine is offering 10% off on all online pickup orders. to get this discount you simply have to use the coupon code 10offbestbw*. With that said, we do not condone anyone to consume alcoholic beverages, and all minors under 21 are prohibited from entering this site and placing orders. We remain strict on pickup orders, and only the person with the name on their order may come to pick up their beverage. Please check the official Montgomery County website for updates on this initiative, we will do our best to inform you if this Picnic in the Park Program is ever suspended, but it is your responsibility to ensure to drink safely, and to ensure that it is legal in the park that you go to.

Picnic in the Park locations are:


-Best Beer & Wine

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*You may only use this coupon online only. Coupon applies to all beers and wines sold on only. Offer expires 10/15/20. We thank you for your loyalty and appreciate your business.

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New Blog and Website

Thanks for checking out our new website. This is the first port on our blog. Here we will be able to communicate with other similar oriented and minded people who also enjoy beer, wine, and other liquors (although we can’t sell it :(). We hope that this blog serves as a medium to connect with people from all around the world, to talk about what they love the most, beer and wine. Feel free to share your thoughts on this post, especially about how you feel with the new website. We will be sure to also share updates through this blog as well. Thanks for checking us out, and feel free to place orders for local pickup on the shop tab. In the meanwhile, enjoy this photo of our corona stock, don’t worry we just ordered more, we won’t sell out that quickly!

Our summer tower of corona!*Virus not included 🙂

Big shout out to Kavi who built this site, thanks Kavi. He designs lots of websites, if you wanted to get in touch with him, you could reach out to him at Thanks!